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Centro Congressi “Ville Ponti” un workshop internazionale sull’analisi degli Ogm.

Prenderà il via domani, martedì 21 luglio, al Centro Congressi “Ville Ponti” un workshop internazionale sull’analisi degli Ogm. L’iniziativa è promossa dal Centro Comune di Ricerca di Ispra.




Azienda Speciale della Camera di Commercio di Varese



Centro Congressi Ville Ponti                                        MalpensaFiere

Piazza Litta, 2  –  21100 Varese                                       Via XI Settembre, 16 – 21052 Busto Arsizio (Va)

  1. +39 0332 239130 –  F. +39 0332 295166               T. +39 0332 295429 – F. +39 0331 634378                                                                       




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2nd International Workshop of GMO-analysis Networking


21-22-23 July 2015




21 July 2015 – DAY 1 (Chair: Joachim Kreysa)


09.15-9.30              Welcome

                               Krzysztof Maruszewski, JRC/IHCP-Director (tbc)


09.30-9.45               Framing of the meeting

Joachim Kreysa, JRC/MBG & EURL GMFF


09.45-10.15            Presentation of the Project / the EU context and the BTSF Programme (working title) (Maddalena Querci, JRC/MBG IHCP)


Session 1: The global context


10.15-10.45            I: How GMOs and GM food and feed are regulated in the European Union (Ilaria Ciabatti, DG SANTE)


10.45-11.15         coffee break (+ posters exhibition)

11.15-11.45            II: The Biosafety Clearing-House and the Network of Laboratories for Detection and Identification: Two Key Elements in the Implementation of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (Manoela Pessoa de Miranda, BCH Canada)


11.45-12.15            III: Risk assessment at the global level (interplay between EFSA and other international organisation) (working title) (Zoltan Diveki, EFSA) reminder sent 01/07


12.15-12.45             IV: Seed testing for presence of GMOs (working title) (Enrico Noli, ISTA) reminder sent 01/07


12.45-14.30         LUNCH BREAK


Session 2: Technical update

14.30-15.00             V: 2020 Outlook: The GM crops global pipeline and New Plant Breeding Techniques (Claudia Parisi, JRC IPTS)

15.00-15.30            VI: GMO analysis: General methodological overview, current and future challenges (Lutz Grohmann, Germany)


15.30-16.00            VII: Towards higher throughput GMO testing: matrix-based screening approaches and multi-target detection systems (Alexander Angers & Francesco Gatto, JRC IHCP)


16.00-16:30         coffee break (+ posters exhibition)

16.30-17.00            VIII: Digital PCR and its role in GMO analysis (David Dobnik, NIB Slovenia)


17.00-17.30            IX: Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics for the characterisation of unauthorized GMOs (Mauro Petrillo, JRC IHCP)

17.30                     End of day 1


20:00                     WORKSHOP NETWORKING DINNER (Ristorante Tana D’Orso, Mustonate, Varese)

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